Dental Implants Lubbock Texas Can Provide Many Advantages to Patients Dealing with Tooth Loss Issues


Tooth loss can be a very difficult issue for anyone who must deal with the issue. It can make simple daily tasks, such as eating and speaking, more difficult and often painful as well. In addition, many people who are missing teeth do not feel confident in the way they look. This can lead them to smile less and avoid contact with others. One way a person may be able to correct this type of issue is by having Dental Implants Lubbock TX.

In years past people who had experienced tooth loss very often were left with only a few choices for tooth replacement. Options such as, dentures or bridges, could often cause a patient other problems that could be difficult to overcome. Many times dentures would not fit correctly and this could cause the patient to experience discomfort and pain. In addition, they were prone to slip and move about tin the mouth, which could lead to situations that could be quite embarrassing if they moved unexpectedly in front of others.

Dental bridges could also be a difficult option for many people to deal with. A bridge generally attaches to a patient’s healthy teeth for support. This could create problems because over time, the movement of the bridge could begin to loosen the healthy teeth and they could eventually fall out as well. This could result in further dental issues that the patient would have to deal with as well.

Lubbock Dental Implants can help by eliminating these types of issues. A dental implant involves a dentist surgically implanting a rod made of titanium or other type of biocompatible into the patient’s jawbone. The rod is left in place for several months so that it can bond to the jawbone so that it will create an unmoving anchor to which the dentist can attach various types of dental prosthesis devices.

Many times a dentist will permanently affix crowns, dentures, or bridges to the implants after they are placed in the mouth. This can create replacement teeth that are both natural looking and feel comfortable in the patient’s mouth. This can greatly improve how the patient functions with their replacement teeth. Often they will be able to eat, speak and smile without worrying about how their teeth look or if they will move about in their mouth. For many people this can greatly improve their self-esteem and quality of life as well.