Dental Implants In Fishers IN Can Improve Your Self Esteem, Smile And Confidence


A smile that has missing teeth can seriously affect the way an individual feels about themselves when they smile or talk. This can cause an individual to hide their mouth when they’re speaking or keep it closed whenever they smile. Dental Implants in Fishers IN can permanently replace missing teeth and boost an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s a permanent solution that will look and feel completely natural. An individual must be a candidate for this type of treatment to be completed, and a visit to a dentist’s office will provide them with the answers they need.

Qualifications For A Dental Implant

An implant is a dental procedure that an individual must qualify for. Some of the qualification for a dental implant is they must be in good physical and oral health and are unable to wear dentures. The jawbone must be sufficient and the gums should be disease free.

Dental Implant Considerations

An individual will need to have a comprehensive dental exam conducted by a dentist before a dental implant can be considered. The examination will include X-rays of the teeth and bone. In addition, the dentist will perform a visual examination to determine if the condition of the gum tissue is healthy enough for a dental implant.

Dental Implant Procedure

If the tooth that needs to be replaced is damaged, it will have to be extracted. The dentist will use a local anesthetic or sedation dentistry to keep the patient comfortable, and the dentist will cut a small incision in the gum and drill a hole in the jawbone to insert a titanium post. After healing of the gum tissue has taken place, an extension will be connected to the post along with a crown to complete the process.

Needs Of A Patient

Although dental implants in Fishers IN are similar, each patient’s needs are different. The dentist will design a treatment plan specific to a patient and will make sure it’s an anxiety-free experience.

If you need to fix a missing tooth or several teeth, a visit to an experienced dentist can correct this problem. For more information about dental implants and other outstanding dental services, please contact us.