Are Dental Crowns in Louisville, KY Right for You?


Dental Crowns in Louisville, KY helps restore destroyed teeth, seemingly in hopeless situations. They return teeth to their old form and function, and subsequently protect them against tooth decay. Modern dentistry offers not only reliable, but also aesthetic orthopedic constructions that meet the utmost requirements of patients. This article informs you about the specifics of dental crowns.

What are dental crowns?
A dental crown is like non-removable dentures, only they are single elements. Best put, they are a type of “cap”, which are made in a dental lab, and then attached to the tooth root. They replace the coronal, or visible part of a tooth. This is done if it is severely damaged, missing, or has a somber aesthetic defect. A crown is also needed in order to fix a bridge or denture, which can be quite healthy.

The question about installing crowns usually arises when the crown of the tooth is destroyed by more than 70%. In this case, fillings or micro-prosthetic tabs are worthless. They do not provide optimal redistribution for chewing. In the future, improper pressure on the tooth will cause it to split and subsequent removal is inevitable.

Types of crowns
Concerning modern dentistry, crowns are divided by type. This depends on the specific material that they are made of. Dental Crowns at Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Louisville, KY are made of metal-ceramic, all-ceramic and metal. When choosing your particular type of crown, there are clinical indications and the wishes of the patient to contend with.

1. Metal

2. . These were the first crowns ever designed, but they are still being used. Made of various metal alloys (titanium, stainless steel, gold, platinum, etc.), they can be entirely made of one of the precious metals or a mix. Application of metal crowns provides absolute recovery of a person’s chewing function, but in appearance such crowns are very unsightly.

3. Metal-ceramic

4. . This average option combines natural appearance and strength. The inner section of a crown is formed with metal, while the external is made of ceramics.

5. Ceramic

6. . These are the most aesthetic and the most expensive. Without metal impurities, these Dental Crowns in Louisville, KY unfortunately have a lower strength than others. But with the advancement of technology, ceramic crowns are the most approximate to natural teeth in appearance and in functionality.

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