Demystifying Myths Surrounding Laser Dentistry in Albany, NY


Dental health care has really evolved from previous imprecise practices, based on folk cures, to a field of science that is based on science and technology. Laser dentistry is one of the indicators that the practice has really changed. When using laser dentistry, the ineffective process of having to cut open and impact all the tissue that surrounds the affected area is eliminated, and only the affected part is dealt with. Here is some information that can help bust the myths that surround dentistry, and especially about Laser Dentistry in Albany NY.

There is no need to see a dentist if there is nothing wrong with the teeth

Most people that lose their permanent teeth prematurely suffer the loss because they failed to visit the dentist for regular dental checkups. It is recommended that you visit a dentist at least twice per year. During these visits:

1. The dentists will take X-rays and perform other tests to make sure there are no cavities developing.
2. In case the enamel is wearing too fast, the dentists will recommend toothpastes and supplements that will rejuvenate the teeth.

Those are just a few of the measures that will help protect you from eventualities such as having to go through a root canal or tooth extraction.

CO2 Lasers cause charring cracking and other damage when used on root services
There are many patients that stay away from dental surgery because of the fear that it will cause more harm than good. Recent research has shown the use of CO2 lasers actually increases the success rate of periodontal surgery. As a matter of fact, as long as the right heat setting is used in the procedure, there will be no side effects from the use of the laser surgery.

Brushing teeth often corrodes the enamel

As long as you are using the right toothpaste and toothbrush, there is no such a thing as brushing your teeth too much. As a matter of fact, the more you brush your teeth, especially after meals, the greater the chances of keeping them healthy and preventing dental anomalies.
Demystifying the myths that surround dentistry, and especially Laser Dentistry Albany NY, helps people gain better attitudes towards preventive dentistry. To eliminate more dentistry myths, visit us for a check up from the dental health care experts.