Decisions to Make on Homes for Sale

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When you are looking through the homes for sale, you have a lot of important decisions to make.  First, you will need to think about your price range.  Second, you will need to think about the size of the home and its location.  There are many other decisions and consideration that will go into the homes for sale as you search through the options.

Type of Home

When you look at homes for sale, it is a good idea to focus on a certain type of home.  Single-family homes are one of the most popular homes for sale in today’s market.  There is generally good appreciation in these types of homes and you will have more privacy and more room to garden or do other things with your property.  Single-family homes, however, are also more expensive than other options and they require more maintenance and up keep.

Condos and townhomes are less expensive that single-family homes, but they are often similar in size.  They are usually newer so they need fewer repairs and they require no exterior maintenance at all.  However, when you purchase a condo, you may not have as much privacy since you will have some common walls or floors or ceilings.  You will also possibly not have a private yard all to yourself at all.


Once you decide on a type of home, you need to think about how many stories you would like that home to have.  There are homes for sale that are single story, multiple stories, or even split-levels.

Single story homes are great for older people who have trouble climbing stairs.  They are also easier to clean since they are all on one level and they can give you wheelchair accessibility.  They can be noisier than other homes, however, since everything is on the same level and some homeowners do not feel a safe having their bedrooms on the main floor.

Multiple story homes are often quieter since people can be sleeping upstairs while there is still noise on the main level.  On the other hand, trips up and down the stairs have to be made to carry laundry and other items and cleaning is harder as well.  Some multi-story homes have trouble gaining access to consistent heating and cooling temperatures on the different levels.

Split-levels are usually less expensive if the lower level of the home is unfinished.  They often have higher ceilings and the downstairs portion of the house separates the noise from other areas.  There is more square footage on a split level than a lot of ranches on the same size lot, however, there is often less storage space and the kitchens are often smaller.

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