Individuals that do not pay their bills, either because they don’t have enough money to pay them or because they have forgotten to pay, may be subject to collection actions by their creditors. These actions might include phone calls at home or work, personal visits to the home of the debtor, referral of the debt to a collection agency, and even lawsuits that could result in wage garnishment. Every step of this process might cause more and more stress on a person who is unable to pay their bills. Fortunately, debt relief attorneys in Gainesville may be able to help people avoid the consequences associated with unpaid debts.

People sometimes have unexpected expenses that make it challenging for them to meet their regular obligations. For example, if a person’s car breaks down and they need to make repairs immediately, they might not have the money necessary to cover the bills. Since most people today do not have lots of savings for these types of expenses, this is a pretty common problem. As long as they have enough income to get back on track right away, someone in this situation might not have to experience a lot of collection activity. However, without enough money to pay the current bills in addition to the late fees, a family could struggle to recover from a situation as common as a broken-down vehicle. In cases like this, debt relief attorneys in Gainesville may be able to provide assistance.

There are various ways to relieve debt, and a client, with the help of their attorney, could discover the most appropriate method by assessing their debts and ability to repay them. For some people, chapter 7 bankruptcy is the obvious choice because they have few–if any–assets. For others, chapter 13 bankruptcy is more appropriate because it can allow them to keep their property while they repay debts over time. Individuals and married couples who are overwhelmed by their bills can visit to get started. After learning more about bankruptcy, it’s important to schedule a consultation right away.