Dealing With Residential Plumbing Repair in West Chester, OH


Leaks, damaged pipes, and sewer main clogs are never welcomed in a home. If they aren’t caught in time, they can wreak havoc on your home while leaving you with some hefty expenses. No one wants to deal with them. Unfortunately, they can’t always be avoided. Emergencies happen! The key to handling them is to be prepared. Start by familiarizing yourself with some of the most common residential plumbing repairs in West Chester OH, and learn how to deal with them.

Frozen Pipe Repair

Around wintertime, it’s always important to consider the possibility of harsh temperatures. When they strike, they can cause severe damage to your piping. Uninsulated piping can freeze when exposed to cold temperatures, and you’ll lose access to running water when this happens. Frozen pipes are also at risk of bursting, which may cause serious water damage to your home. While this is one of the less common residential plumbing repair in West Chester, OH, it is also one of the most urgent.

How to Handle It

If you have reason to suspect a frozen pipe, do not ignore it. Don’t try to locate it and heat it up yourself either. Shut off your water supply and call a plumbing service immediately.

Leak Repair

You might be unaware of a leaky pipe until your water bill comes, that is. Nothing wastes water like a leaky pipe. Fortunately, checking your water meter should alert you to a leak. If your meter’s dial is moving when you aren’t using any water, you’ll have a confirmation. You’ll need to repair the leak as fast as possible.

How to Handle it

If you’re able to isolate the location of the leak, you can patch it up temporarily. Apply an epoxy to the leak and then cover it with rubber. Clamp the rubber tightly and keep the clamp in position for at least an hour. Then, wrap the rubber with water-resistant tape for extra protection. Once you’ve completed this process, test out your pipe. Remember—this solution is only temporary. Calling a plumber to properly repair the leak is necessary.

Septic System Repair

There is nothing worse than a failed septic system. The foul odor that accompanies the resulting backup of sewage is just another reminder of the hundreds to thousands of dollars you’ll need to spend to correct the problem. In the best-case scenario, a broken pipe needs to be repaired. This is one of the relatively common residential plumbing repairs. The worst-case scenario, you’ll need a new system.

How to Handle it

The first step is to deal with any backed up sewage. Then, check your septic tank’s water level. A septic company can do this for you, and they will be able to detect any clogs. However, the problem might be beyond that. If it’s to do with your system’s drain field, you’ll need a new one. Diagnosing your septic system starts with plumbers, but may end up requiring more specialized repair services.

Finding the Help You Need

When you find yourself dealing with residential plumbing repairs, you’ll want to contact a reputable company immediately, such as AA Plumbing. This company offers prompt and affordable repair services and they are experienced enough to handle any need you might have.