Out of Date? | Modernizing Your Auto Air Conditioning in Waipahu System to Work with R134a


Everyone loves the frigid breeze created by a properly working automotive air conditioning, or A/C, system. Older vehicles use r12 refrigerant while models created after 1994 utilize r134a. Unfortunately, you cannot find r12 refrigerant at most automotive shops since manufacturers stopped producing it. If you do find it, the cost may send you running for the hills.

Thankfully, auto air conditioning in Waipahu technicians can convert your vehicle to r134a with just a few new parts and a couple hours of labor.

Preparing the System

Air conditioning technicians check the system for leaks before starting. If the system leaks, it will lose all of the refrigerant past the worn gaskets. Be sure to tell your technician if your A/C system was having any output issues prior to arriving at the shop.

To start the conversion process, technicians must remove all of the residual r12 refrigerant from the system. Oils inside the system may instantly react badly with the r134a.

Installing R134a Parts

Technicians prime the system with ester oil to fully prepare the lines. Only a small amount is needed to clean the inside of the air conditioning components. Your auto air conditioning in Waipahu tech will replace the drier with a modern equivalent, and address worn o-rings at that time.

New shrader valves should replace the old units to make it easier to fill the system with r134a. Technicians attach vacuum equipment to rid the lines of any air and moisture buildup.

Testing the System

After installing the new components, technicians proceed by filling up the system with r134a refrigerant. Technicians will run your vehicle for ten to fifteen minutes to see how the A/C performs.

A temperature gauge helps technicians determine if system cools the cabin sufficiently. If so, you will receive your vehicle back in good working order. Otherwise, technicians start the diagnostic process to see where the problem lies.

Feel Free to Return

If any problems arise in the coming weeks, feel free to bring the vehicle back into the shop for an inspection. Technicians at LS Automotive Repair & Transmission LLC Waipahu happily make sure your vehicle performs as expected.

Expect to leave your vehicle at the shop for a couple hours to give techs enough time to take a thorough look. If technicians find any issues, they will generate a detailed work order at that time.