Currency Exchange Prospect Heights Without the Large Fees in Chicago

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Whether you’re visiting the Chicago area from overseas or planning a trip to your favorite foreign destination, having the right currency in hand is essential. Knowing who to trust when you need currency exchange in Prospect Heights is a totally different issue.

Many currency exchange places charge outrageous fees which can eat into the funds you need for your trip. This guide will teach you how to avoid these types of places.

Avoid Big Banks

While your bank may seem like the best place to get foreign currency, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Big banks usually charge higher fees than smaller, locally owned currency exchange centers. Using a family-owned currency converter shop also means that you’re supporting a local business.

Avoid Airport Exchange Companies

When traveling, convenience is often costly. This is especially true for airport-based currency exchange counters.

You can avoid using these companies by planning far in advance. Pick up your required currency prior to going to the airport. If you’re coming to the United States from a foreign country, try to exchange just enough at the airport to get you to your hotel. Then ask the hotel clerk for a currency exchange business close by.

Use an ATM

While it isn’t the best idea to walk into a local bank branch to exchange your currency, many larger financial institutions offer zero international transaction fees and ATM withdrawal fees. This can be one of the most affordable ways to get the currency you need.

Currency exchange seems like a straight forward topic; however, some nuances are often missed. If you’re currently in the suburbs of Chicago or are planning on visiting soon, a friendly Currency Exchange in Prospect Heights representative can answer any questions you may have. West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc., is a customer-focused currency exchange provider, and offers a variety of locations to choose from. Visit to find the nearest one to you.