Cure Your Unattractive Varicose Veins Before They Kill Your Confidence


Varicose veins appear twisted and enlarged compared to the normal superficial ones you see on your hands and lower extremities (feet, legs). Your legs are more susceptible to varicose veins than any other body part. Varicose veins predominantly affect women, although some men have been unfortunate enough to develop the condition.

Varicose Veins: Women An Automatic Target

The journey a woman’s body goes through is partly the reason why small venous networks morph into the large, swollen, unsightly varicose or spider veins you see. Several stressful events might increase your chances of getting varicose veins, with pregnancy and menopause being two primary influences. When you walk and stand upright, you increase the pressure on your veins, particularly those in your lower extremities – hence, the manifestation of the unattractive cordlike spider or varicose veins you see on your legs. If you have the typical mild varicose or spider veins, it’s merely a cosmetic issue, but some women still seek varicose vein treatment in Schaumburg, IL, to improve their appearance. Your physician generally recommends self-care preventative measures or medical intervention to treat and erase your varicose veins.

What Symptoms Do Spider or Varicose Veins Bring On?

Weak, damaged arteries are the primary contributing influences of varicose veins. Your lower extremities (legs) are responsible for the reactive pump action, where your muscle contracts to aid the transportation process of blood flowing to your heart. Sometimes the gravitational response works against the process, causing the blood to recirculate and build up in your legs.

Besides a stressed venous network of veins bulging out of your skin, you might experience some discoloration, where your veins take on a blue or purple hue. Varicose veins rarely cause any physical discomfort, but some pain symptoms may accompany it, which indicates a deeper problem. The moment your varicose veins become physically symptomatic – violent pain – you should let your physician know. With today’s cutting-edge medical technologies, your healthcare specialist can recommend a fast-acting varicose vein treatment in Schaumburg, IL.

When Your Venous Varicose Veins Are Painfully Symptomatic

Are your varicose veins inflicting painful sensations that radiate in your legs? Your legs are heavy and achy. Your discolored veins swelling has increased, you have violent muscle cramps, and your lower legs are throbbing, burning, and itching. Prolonged standing and sitting induce your pain sensations. You should discuss possible treatment solutions with your preferred healthcare practitioner.

Superficial spider veins are not as unsightly as the varicose variation, but they are equally distracting in advanced cases. Spider veins naturally appear as blue or red cordlike networks. They’re relatively smaller compared to varicose veins and can affect your face as well as your legs. Compression socks and exercise can alleviate your varicose and spider veins pain symptoms temporarily. Nonetheless, you should consult a center that provides varicose vein treatment in Schaumburg, IL, for comprehensive options.