Cupcakes in Atlanta for Every Occasion

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Bakeries

Cupcakes are the newest trend in tasty treats for a party. They are perfect for the people who eat small portions or for small children. The search for cupcakes in Atlanta will start with finding the right cupcakery that will allow you to do more than one decoration for your tasty treat. They are great for all parties, weddings, and events. Especially if you are ordering in mass quantity, cupcakes are the way to go to ensure a fresh, moist dessert.

If you were doing a “Frozen” themed birthday party you could order 10 cupcakes shaped like Anna, 10 like Elsa, 10 like Kristoff, and other various characters. You could then use supplementary cupcakes to create fun, different types of backgrounds from all the scenes of the movie. Pick a book, color, celebrity, or kid themed character and we will make your party memorable with a variety of cupcakes that bring your imagination to life. We use all sorts of ingredients to make each decoration into something that your children will love.

Imagine having a wedding with 200 guests but everyone had different allergies to strawberry, chocolate, and coconut. Your special day should be devoted to your tastes and if you want to have a strawberry chocolate cake why should you have to compromise? You can order cupcakes that are specific to everyone’s taste and the bride will still have the cupcake of her dream.

Having cupcakes at work is a great way to tell the team you care. Certain workplaces that are open all night long only allow dayshift to enjoy a tasty reward but how can you ensure that they won’t be stale by the time night shift gets there? Our cupcakes stay rich in flavor throughout the night and ordering in multiple batches allow every shift to have that special “thank you.”

From baby showers to graduations, our cupcakes will be a great finishing touch. Make your event memorable with our gourmet cupcakes. With different flavors and designs, we can guarantee that at cupcakes in Atlanta, the last crumb will satisfy your taste buds. Made in store, each batch is made fresh from scratch and you will never be able to have store bought cupcakes again. To see what flavors and catering options we offer please read more on the website.

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