Creating Customized Italian-Based Menus for Special Events at Pembroke Pines


For special Events at Pembroke Pines, the organizers may want to reserve a room at a fine facility such as Capriccio Italian Restaurant, where they can create a personalized menu and have the serving staff cater it in to the banquet hall area. This type of restaurant offers pre-designed catering menus for convenience, but customers are welcome to select items from the establishment’s regular menu and make their own personalization. That’s especially helpful when several of their guests have dietary preferences like eating only vegetarian foods.

Buffets and Sit-Down Dinners

The organizers of Events at Pembroke Pines who want to offer a blend of vegetarian and meat-based selections might ask for a buffet-style setup or could have a more formal sit-down dinner. The buffet offers a wide variety of selections from which guests and choose. The sit-down dinner usually has guests selecting their preferred meal in advance so the caterers are ready with the right numbers of each meal to prepare when the event begins.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

Fortunately, Italian cuisine is very friendly to vegetarians and even to vegans. Vegans won’t eat the cheese or cream sauces, but they can enjoy marinara sauce with a variety of pasta and vegetables. Chefs may be willing to leave the cheese out of certain recipes if they feel the food will still be delicious without it.

Menu Design Possibilities

The menu provided to guests ahead of time for a sit-down dinner may include a vegetarian and a vegan option, one seafood choice, and two meat-based meals. Two pasta selections could be offered as well. That provides a wide range of possibilities while still not making it difficult for the chefs and their assistants to prepare these meals.

Entree Examples

Broiled Tuscan salmon and shrimp Alfredo are examples of seafood dishes that many people enjoy. Pasta stuffed with Portobello mushrooms and drenched in marinara sauce is a suitable vegan option. Eggplant Parmigiana is enticing for vegetarians. Meat-based possibilities could include chicken Parmigiana and a steak option. To view the restaurant menu at one particular Italian dining establishment that caters special events, head over to website domain.