Create the Illusion of Fuller Hair with Help from Micropigmentation

Hair Care

Your hair helps you to feel good about your appearance as a woman. You dress it up in the same way that you apply cosmetics or wear a new style in clothing. You try to make the most of it as one of your favorite features. That can all change if you become the victim of hair loss. If you’ve tried hair loss treatments without success, it can be discouraging. Hair loss surgery may not be a good option for you. At that point, you may feel like you have run out of options. Think again. Scalp pigmentation for women in Dallas may be the solution for you.

Fill in the Bare Patches on Your Scalp with Micropigmentation

Scalp pigmentation for women in Dallas is an alternative that can help you to feel confident about your hair once again. An all-natural form of pigment that is the same color as your hair. It will be injected into your scalp in an area where your hair has thinned, or you have experienced baldness. In the end, it will look like you have a fine layer of short hair. If you have isolated areas where your hair has thinned, your scalp will no longer stand out beneath your hair. If your hair loss has been extensive, you will still look like you have natural hair that is in a short style. As you get older, you can even expect your pigments to blend with the rest of your hair. Follow our Instagram page for daily updates.

Learn More About Hair Restoration Options Tailored for You

A hair loss specialist understands how important your hair is to you. Losing your hair may be out of your control. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Seek help from the experts at Yaker Hair Restoration and Med Spa when you visit us at