Couriers and Traffic

Transportation and Logistics

How do you get documents and parcels delivered safely, locally, nationally or globally in a timely manner?  Operating out of just one depot, it is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Failing to get to destinations when the streets are blocked is not good for business, so can the problem be solved from another direction, or a different depot?

Traffic congestion

Anyone who lives in, near or around London knows about traffic congestion. The city area even has a congestion charge in order to keep traffic out. The roads around London are often busy or even grid-locked. Take advantage of the many companies like Deadline Despatch offering courier services in Brent to solve this problem.

The North Circular Road and M25 can easily be grid-locked. The M25 has a variable speed limit in order that traffic flow is eased. Trying to access the elevated section of the M4 is at times not easy and the M40 is not much better. The junctions to other motorways, including the M1, M10 and A1, from the M25 are almost guaranteed to be jammed solid at peak hours. The approach to the toll bridge over the Thames is never fast as everyone has to slow down in order to pay at the toll booth. Add to this bad weather or a road traffic accident and the result is bedlam. So when will your document or parcel be delivered?

Courier services

Traffic conditions, and the weather for that matter, have a major impact on how a courier service is operated. They are factors well beyond the control of the company, but whilst your courier company will do its best to manage these disruptions, the client’s co-operation is also required with regards to a smooth and efficient handover taking place. One of the many courier services in Brent can advise you in relation to this.

For example, you have documents that are required in New York tomorrow. Cut-off time for flights to the United States of America is 4.30 pm, and timekeeping is strictly enforced. If you want to avail yourself of this service then your document motor bike courier will have to leave your premises at 3 pm at the latest. Larger parcels requiring a van will take longer to negotiate the traffic and complete the paperwork.