Cosmetic Dentist in Stockton CA Gives You Back A Beautiful Smile


If you are self conscious about your teeth, you probably don’t smile very much. There is no excuse for having yellowed teeth or teeth that have huge spaces between them when you can go to a Cosmetic Dentist in Stockton CA. By making an appointment with a cosmetic dentist, you can have your beautiful smile back again. If you’re not familiar with the ways in which a cosmetic dentist can improve your smile, here are a few of the ways in which your teeth will be improved by your visit.

For one thing, a cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth. By using a custom-made tray for the whitening process, every inch of your teeth will be brightened because the tray fits your mouth perfectly. You won’t have to worry about getting the liquid on your gums and causing an over-sensitivity. Because your tray is made just for your mouth, it fits great.

A cosmetic dentist in Stockton CA also can help you with missing teeth or spaces between the teeth. By giving you dental implants or veneers, your teeth will look perfect again. By giving you dental implants, you’ll have teeth replacing the ones that are missing that are stronger than your original teeth were. The tooth is grafted onto the jaw bone, and it acts just like your real teeth, except it’s even stronger than your own teeth. This tooth won’t chip or come loose, it will be there permanently. When you have veneers, your teeth will have no imperfections and yet look totally natural.

A lot of people have had problems with bridges or partial bridges. They can come out when you’re chewing something like a candy bar or corn on the cob, especially if your teeth have started spreading in your mouth and the teeth holding the bridge aren’t holding the bridge securely. By getting an implant instead of a bridge, you’ll have teeth that will last longer than your original teeth.

Whatever work the cosmetic dentist does on your teeth, no longer will you have a pure white tooth sticking out from the slightly yellow teeth in your mouth. The dentist will use porcelain materials that look just like your other teeth.

The goal of a cosmetic dentist is not only to make your teeth healthy, but also make sure that your teeth are beautiful. All you have to do is give Dr. Rujul G. Parikh D.D.S a call.