Controlling Chicago Flooding When You Live Near a Great Lake


Many apartments, businesses, and homes exist and reside near Lake Michigan in Chicago. The lake isn’t the only water issue to contend with; the Chicago River provides its own flooding issues. If you live and work in Chicago, it’s important that you have flood control in Chicago. If you know how to control flooding, you can avoid thousands of dollars of damage when your basements flood. Here’s what you should do if you don’t already have flood measures in place.

Call a Licensed Plumber to Install a Sump Pump or Drainage System

Licensed plumbers are able to install sump pumps that can remove excess water from your basement. In the event that you have lake water, river water, or just backed up street water in your basement, the sump pump suctions it out and sends it into the sewers. The plumber might be able to suggest other means of controlling floodwaters and flood control in Chicago businesses or homes when flash flooding occurs.

Create Flood Prevention Embankments on Your Property

If your home or business experiences frequent flooding, examine the possibility of preventing the flooding by creating embankments around the foundation. This can be done with sandbags or with moisture barriers and water-absorbing materials. French drains can help pull the water down into the soil and away from the foundation too. A sump pump is still the first line of defense, but additional measures can help. Contact North Coast Sewer and Drainage to set up a consultation on how to best handle the flooding you are experiencing.