Consulting A Truck Accident Attorney In Spotsylvania County About Regulations

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In Pennsylvania, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration governs over rules and regulations that apply to tractor-trailers. All regulations set forth by this agency are strictly enforced by this administration and law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Top circumstances that lead to accidents in which these large vehicles are involved are DUI and other impairments. This is why the FMCSA has initiated further laws to combat these unsafe conditions.

Rules and Regulations for Truckers

According to Pennsylvania law, a commercial driver who registers at 0.02 percent on a breathalyzer test is classified as intoxicated. The size and weight of the vehicle increase the odds of extensive damage and bodily harm in these accidents. However, when an impaired driver gets behind the wheel, the odds of a fatality are significantly increased. Restricted blood-alcohol content measurements for commercial drivers were initiated in hopes of preventing these fatalities. Anyone who was injured due to an intoxicated tractor-trailer driver should contact a Truck Accident Attorney Spotsylvania County to represent them.

Rest Periods

Further limitations were imposed on tractor-trailer drivers based on the allotted time in which they may operate their vehicle within a 24-hour period. As the regulations state, the driver is allowed to drive-up to fourteen hours within this period. However, he or she is required by law to take at least an eight-hour rest period after this fourteen-hour shift. A failure to comply with this regulation could result in a fine or an accident that produces a fatality.

Faulty Equipment

For insurance purposes, all trucking accidents are investigated to define a clear cause. In instances where faulty equipment was the origin of the accident, law enforcement must proceed through this investigation until they determine who caused this flaw. Any design flaw in which the manufacturer was aware of risks and failed to warn consumers deems him or her liable. A production error deems the employee who deviated from the design plans as the offending party.

However, a victim can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. If the product was damaged during transit, the delivery service is at fault equally. Victims which were require a Truck Accident Attorney Spotsylvania County may contact Dulaney Lauer & Thomas LLP to discuss their case.