Have You Considered Denture Implants In Spring, TX?


When individuals of any age experience the loss of several or more teeth in a row on either the upper or lower jaw significant changes can occur. The individual may have difficulty in chewing, speaking may be more difficult, and even the shape of the face may change over time. One option to this problem is dentures, and an even better solution for many is denture implants in Spring, TX.

Denture Basics

Most people understand the concept of dentures, either as a full or partial denture. These are removable teeth that are fitted into a molded base that sits over the gum. They may be held in place with clips; or for most people, with denture adhesive products or simply a very well made base.
Another option, and one that provides greater stability for the wearer, is the use of denture implants in Spring, TX. This is a relatively quick and painless procedure that is a great way to stabilize dentures while also providing additional benefits.

How it Works

Denture implants in Spring, TX are similar to the bottom part of a dental implant for a single tooth or several teeth in a row. They are small titanium posts, also known as screws, which are inserted into the bone of the jaw, just like the root of a tooth. In a few months the bone actually fuses with the titanium, creating a solid anchor for the dentures.

The top of the screws are small, round and ball shaped to allow a special plate that has identically positioned socket types of pockets in the base. The user simply places the denture down over the small little ball posts and pushes until the denture clicks into place. This provides a much more durable hold that is very different than a normal denture fit.

Most people will have four small posts placed in the upper or lower ridge of the jaw. This entire process for denture implants in Spring, TX can be done in the dentist’s office, it is not a surgical procedure, and it usually complete in about an hour. With very limited rubbing or movement of the dentures against the gums this is often the most comfortable option for denture wearers of any age.

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