Considerations When Creating a Mostly White Kitchen Design in Carlsbad


Some homeowners want a trendy Kitchen Design in Carlsbad while others prefer a timeless decor. Trends often include colors, like the avocado and gold appliances of the 1960s and 1970s. They also can include entire structural floor plans. The closed kitchen dropped from popularity dramatically after the 1970s in favor of floor plans in which the kitchen was open to the main living area. That trend has begun to reverse to a certain extent.

Timeless Color Scheme

White kitchens never go completely out of style, even when new homes are featuring natural wood cabinetry, colorful backsplashes, and stainless steel sinks and appliances, updates may be required. A contemporary white kitchen might have metal cabinets or wood painted white along with white enamel sinks and a white refrigerator. Kitchen Design in Carlsbad that focuses on white could also have a stainless steel sink and appliances in a different color. Almond, tan, and light brown with a hint of color look appealing in this type of kitchen.


Countertops could be laminate, granite or quartz in a warmer hue or in white with gold and black flecks. Some homeowners choose a complete contrast and have black countertops installed by a contractor such as Guedes Construction Inc. while all the cabinetry and the walls are white. Contact us to discuss possibilities.


Tile floors in a variety of colors complement a white kitchen, and so do laminate floors that look like hardwood. Wood floors are generally not recommended for use in kitchens because of moisture and spills, but this is an option if the household is committed to providing proper care for the floors.

Before Starting

Before getting started with the remodeling project or the design in a new house, it’s a smart idea to view numerous photos in which the kitchens have similar color schemes. People sometimes are not entirely clear about how a room will look when it’s finished, and they may discover their concept of an entirely white kitchen is a bit too much when it becomes a reality. They can decide where they want to add accent touches of other colors and determine whether one main feature, like the floor or wall paint, would look better in a different hue.

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