Considerations When Choosing A CNC Prototyping Company

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When creating a prototype, it is essential to find a company that can offer the services you require. There are some prototype companies that only offer machining, while others will provide a full range of services that include design and development support for your in-house team as well as CNC prototyping and machining through to production.

Regardless of the specifics of your idea and concept, there are some basic similarities that will be in place when choosing a company for CNC prototyping. These same factors can also be considered when you have additional services needed; they will just be additional factors to consider in your final selection.

Ask About Past Projects

A top company with experience and expertise in the area of CNC machining and prototype development will be able to provide information and examples of past projects.

While some companies that are new to CNC prototyping are more likely to offer cut rates and low prices to build up a customer base, there is significant risk involved in working with these companies as partners. They lack the real-world experience, they may not have the cutting-edge equipment of an established company, and they lack the actual knowledge of the full process from start to finish.

This is not to say that a new company can’t do a good job, it is just more of risk for your business. In specific areas such as medical and dental devices, for orthopedic implants or when precision counts, having experience can make a very big difference.

Look at Price and Services Offered

When considering a prototyping company, the company offering all services under one roof is always a factor to consider. These companies save on transportation costs, logistical headaches and trying to manage quality control across multiple service providers.

With experienced and full-service prototype companies offering CNC machining, turning, milling, brazing, soldering and manufacturing you will find prices are competitive and reasonable, with quick turnaround times and a record of on-time delivery.