Considerations to Keep in Mind When Looking Into Different Med Schools


Any skilled medical school admissions consulting agency will tell you that getting into a top school is not the only factor to consider when training for a career in health and medicine. While applicants naturally want to get into the best school possible, there are many other things that will make a particular school a good fit.

Focus of Studies

There are two general career paths within medicine; practice-oriented and research-oriented. People who are more interested in research will want to choose a program focused on that, while people who are interested in primary care will want to choose a school specializing in that area.

Keep in mind that if you are more research-oriented, there is a lot of research being done in more out-of-the-way places. Different schools also specialize in different things, sometimes in partnership with public health, law, and other academic disciplines.

Teaching Quality

This is something that’s hard to tell from a distance. You can check out the reviews on Rate My Prof or look at the student-to-faculty ratio. But the best way to learn how good a med school’s teachers are is to ask current students and recent alumni.

Student Experience

Med school is not a resort program, and you will be spending most of your time studying. Nonetheless, any medical school admissions consulting expert would be remiss if they focused entirely on academics.

You’ll be spending at least four years at this program. Look into the location. Look into student life and activities. Are there professional groups you could join for networking purposes?

You will want to speak to current students to determine if they are happy and what the campus culture is like. You’ll want to make sure that the housing available is in your price range and suited to your needs, and that the town has the amenities you’re used to.


Last, but not least. How much will you owe? What will your employment prospects be like afterward? And definitely look at the cost of living where the program is located, too.