Considerations For A Bathroom Floor

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When the time comes to select the flooring for your new home, the bathroom will usually take more forethought than the other floor surfaces in the house. The bathroom can be considered as having a rather volatile environment with high humidity and lots of splashing water from the shower, tub and sink. The bathroom is the home of powders and scrubs and lotions and all kinds of body care products and all of this has an impact on the flooring you choose.

Water resistance: Bathroom tiles in Brooklyn need to be water resistant. The solution that many choose is to install ceramic or porcelain tiles which have a glazed surface however, design considerations may prompt the use of unglazed tiles. If unglazed tiles are used they can be sealed against the ingress of water but even at that they will be less resistant and higher maintenance.

Grout issues: The most vulnerable part of any tiled floor is the grout. As the grout used when installing bathroom tiles in Brooklyn is porous, it will not be resistant to spills and damage from excessive exposure to water. Over time water will eventually settle between the tiles going through to the adhesive which can eventually break the bond between the tile and substrate.

Don’t let this possibility put you off of a tile bathroom floor; there are many sealers which can be applied to the lines of grout periodically. These sealers are clear chemicals which are absorbed by the grout material, protecting it from spills and water. Over time of course this will wear away but it is a simple matter to reapply it as needed.

Professional tile installers are aware of these potential problems and their solution is simple; make the grout lines as thin as possible. This is a visual issue when the tiles you have selected are quite large but is an excellent solution when the tiles are smaller.

Stains: Ceramic and porcelain bathroom tiles in Brooklyn are very durable and by their nature can tolerate a variety of agents that would stain other surfaces such as wood or carpet. This makes these tiles ideal for use in the bathroom which is always prone to attack by a number of acidic soap, various cleansers and body care products.

The only drawback to bathroom tiles is the fact that they are cold and hard but these issues can be offset by using bathmats or under floor heating systems that can be installed prior to the floor tiles.

Using ceramic or porcelain bathroom tiles can add a touch of luxury to your quiet space. If you are considering bathroom tiles in Brooklyn you are invited to contact Italian Tiles NYC.