Considerations for Air Conditioning Replacement in Palm Harbor

Heating and Air Conditioning

AC Repair and installation can make a big difference in the comfort level in your home. No matter how hot it is outside, a good AC unit can help you relax indoors. Installing a central air unit can add value to your home and help you save on energy costs, especially if you’re replacing multiple window units. If you’re considering a central air installation, follow the tips below to get the most for your money.

Existing or New Air Conditioning Systems

Knowing what you need will help your contractor provide you with an accurate estimate. For instance, if you’re getting your current system repaired, you should use the same brand of parts. Replacing a system or installing from scratch is a more involved process, and occurs at a significant additional cost.

Installations During a Remodel

If you’re renovating your home, tell your contractor beforehand so they’ll know what they’re dealing with. A well-informed contractor can better assess your home’s air conditioning needs, and they can give you a more accurate quote. If you’re paying for Air conditioning replacement in Palm Harbor as part of a large project, you may be able to save by having the work done at a particular time.

Determining your Power Needs

The cooling capacity of an AC unit is given in BTUs (British thermal units)/hour. A good guideline is that for every 1000 feet of insulated living space, you’ll need 12,000 BTUs. Your home’s windows, structure, amount of sunlight and the local climate also influence its cooling needs. If you have vaulted ceilings, you’ll need more cooling power. An AC repair technician will consider your home’s structure when suggesting a cooling system.

Replacing an Older System

AC units have become more efficient over the last ten years. If your system has become less efficient over time, repair may be sufficient–but you should also consider having it replaced. A service professional can evaluate your current system and tell you whether it can be repaired, or if replacement is in order.

Access Issues

Air conditioning replacement in Palm Harbor requires contractor access to your home’s ductwork. The easier it is for a contractor to get in, the simpler and less expensive the project will be. When having a unit installed for the first time, especially if your home is older, space may be a concern. In such cases, ductless or mini-duct systems may be a more practical choice.