Consideration Before Selecting an Indoor Air Conditioner in Charleston SC

Air Conditioning

Before choosing an air conditioner, one has to look at several factors ranging from price to their efficiency. The process can sometimes be overwhelming considering the vast number of indoor conditioners that exist in the market. To help customers choose the best utility equipment that suits their needs, here are primary considerations when selecting an Indoor Air Conditioner in Charleston SC.


This is a major deliberation since most may wish to have an economical conditioner. People have to ask themselves how much they wish to spend before even beginning the process. Features such as fan speed, cooling efficiency, timer availability, and adjustable thermostat determine the prices. For example, through-the-wall conditioners are more expensive than the window air conditioners.

Available Physical space

The different types of conditioners take special installation space. For instance, window air conditioners do not take any floor space since they are installed through walls. The mini-split systems require the least amount of space as the bulky section is usually outside.

The Type of Electrical Outlets in Rooms

The traditional conditioners use the standard 110-120 volts. This is available in most homes. Depending on the cooling capacity, window air conditioners can either use the 110 volts or use 208-volt outlets. A client should, therefore, note the type of power outlet in preferred rooms before going out shopping for an air conditioner.


Some people have an affinity to efficient products. If a client seeks efficiency in all appliances; which is a good thing as it saves energy, checking it first is also important. The through-the-wall conditioners are not efficient since they vent hot air towards the outside. The ductless mini-split ACs are perhaps the most efficient indoor conditioners in the market. The ductless feature helps them save up to 30% energy.


Any appliance that has an internal fan has a guarantee for noise. Through-the-wall ACs are considerably quiet but a little louder than the refrigerator. The ductless mini split is the least noisy among all conditioners since its condenser is located on the outside.

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