What to Consider when Purchasing Energy Efficient Windows

Window Installation Service

If you have decided it is time to invest in window replacement for your Honolulu, HI home, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Modern windows are offered with a number of benefits and features, helping to minimize cooling and heating costs; however, choosing the right window is key. So, the question you are facing is how far you should go when selecting energy-efficient windows? You need to find out what upgrades will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck, without being too damaging to your bottom line.

The Window Frame

The majority of people understand that a wood frame is much less prone to the transfer of cold and heat than aluminum, since metals will conduct the temperature more easily than wood. However, this does not necessarily mean that wood is the ideal choice for a window that is utility-bill-friendly. There are a number of options to consider for window frames, each offering pros and cons:

1. Vinyl: Just because it is affordable, it does not mean it looks to be cheap. This is a budget-friendly option that is also energy efficient.
2. Wood: This offers the highest insulation value; however, requires more upkeep than other options.
3. Aluminum: This is a practical option for humid and rainy climates.
4. Wood-Clad: This offers the best of both worlds – low maintenance exterior and a temperature transfer resistant wood interior.

The Glass

The material that the window is constructed from is extremely important. In fact, you should not have to look much further than the type of glass used in the window to discover what the efficiency of the unit actually is. Any windows in the Energy Star program will have the appropriate sticker, along with ratings from the NFRC, National Fenestration Rating Council. In order to qualify for the Energy Star program, windows have to meet two standards:

1. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: This measures the amount of heat that enters the home by way of the glass.
2. U-Value: This measures the window’s resistance to heat loss.

Design Efficiency

There are some types of windows that are simply more efficient than other ones, such as:

1. Double-hung windows
2. Casement windows
3. Picture windows

Sealing and Installation

Proper installation of the window is the last crucial element. Even the most expensive and well-made window will not perform properly if it is not correctly installed. Be sure that the contractor doing the work is trained and experienced so that no issues arise.

When you are looking for window replacement in Honolulu, HI for your home, consider the energy efficient options offered on the CCI website.