Comprehensive Car Insurance in Winston Salem, NC Explained


Vehicle owners are required to maintain at least some form of basic liability and collision coverage according to law. Though minimum coverage laws vary by state, the concept itself is universal. While more comprehensive policies are available, they’re not quite as all-inclusive as some people may believe. Comprehensive Car Insurance in Winston Salem NC covers a wide range of bases, but it doesn’t include every type of damage or loss.

What is Comprehensive Coverage?

In most cases, comprehensive coverage applies to damages not covered by basic policies. It’s designed to pick up where other policies leave off, offering coverage in case of vehicle theft or vandalism, fires, floods, broken glass, and damage from falling objects. These situations do arise quite often, but they’re not covered by the standard, bare-minimum policy. Comprehensive won’t pay for certain other types of damage and their resulting expenses.

  • Collisions. Standard coverage kicks in for collisions with other vehicles or stationary objects, so these don’t fall under the comprehensive coverage umbrella. This rings true regardless of the cause of the collision or who is at fault.
  • Medical Expenses. In the event you or your passengers are injured in an accident, comprehensive coverage won’t pay for medical expenses incurred as a result. If you’re at fault in the collision and other people are hurt, this type of policy won’t cover their injuries either.
  • Stolen or Damaged Property. Personal property stolen along with your vehicle or damaged in an accident won’t be repaired or replaced by comprehensive coverage. The same applies to other people’s belongings damaged in an accident for which you’re responsible.
  • Towing. Should a vehicle break down or be too damaged to drive because of an accident, comprehensive falls short here as well. Towing costs will either be covered by your standard Car Insurance in Winston Salem NC or need to be paid out of pocket.
  • Rental Vehicles. Comprehensive typically doesn’t apply to the cost of a rental while a covered vehicle is being repaired.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance is meant to serve as a supplement to standard policies rather than a catch-all replacement for them. Though it won’t cover all types of damage or loss, it does help prevent a great deal of out-of-pocket expenses in the event of damages other than those caused by conventional collisions. Contact Insurance to learn more about the types of policies available and just what they cover.