Comparing Condos for Sale Near Central Park: The Best Tips

Real Estate

Living near a park is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Research shows that people who live near green spaces are more likely to be happy. Whether you want to exercise regularly or enjoy a convenient place for your little ones to hang out, a park has everything for everyone.

Central Park is rated as one of the most beautiful parks in New York, if not the most wonderful. However, you have to keep a few things in mind when looking for condos for sale near Central Park.

Find a Knowledgeable Company

The first step to finding condos for sale near Central Park is to find a company that knows about real estate in the surrounding areas. The company must have knowledge of that area and the issues you might face. Companies such as The Bellemont offer such services.

Determine What Amenities You Can Afford

Tell your real estate company about your budget, and they will guide you through the amenities that fall within that budget. Condos with amenities such as pools and a gym will obviously come at higher costs.

Make Sure That it’s FHA Approved

If you intend to get a mortgage, make sure that your condo is FHA approved. It’s recommended to seek help from your real estate company to know more about the mortgage process.

Read the Parking Rules

Once you have purchased the condo, make sure to go over the parking rules. See how much space you have been allotted and ask if there is any space for visitors.