Common Types of Sedation for Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs CO


No one look forward to getting oral surgery, but patients can rest assured they won’t feel a thing during the procedure. Most surgeons offer different types of sedation before Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs CO. It doesn’t matter how complex of the surgery is, the surgeon will ensure you’re comfortable at all times.

Laughing Gas

For minor surgeries, laughing gas is often the sedation of choice. Clinically known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas works by fully relaxing the patient. Even though patients remain awake and alert, most don’t remember much about the procedure once the gas wears off.

Patients slowly breathe in the nitrous oxide. While sedated with laughing gas, most patients feel extremely drowsy and relaxed. Their limbs may even feel slightly heavy. It’s also very common for patients to giggle throughout the appointment. The effects are short-lived, however.


Some patients are prescribed a pill to help them reduce anxiety during their appointment. Halcion is usually the medication of choice. It works as a sedative, making patients sleepy. Some patients will even sleep through their entire surgery.

Halcion is ingested about an hour before the procedure, ensuring it has enough time to take effect. Even though most patients will seem fully aware and responsive after surgery, it’s still mandatory that someone drives them home afterwards. It can take several hours for the medication to fully wear off.

General Anesthesia

More complex surgeries, including jaw surgery, require the patient to be fully unconscious. This is when general anesthesia is used. The mediation is delivered to the patient via an IV infusion. An anesthesiologist will remain throughout the procedure to monitor the patient.

For all procedures, a local anesthetic is also used. This ensures the patient doesn’t feel any localized pain during the surgery. Pinnacle Dentistry take all necessary precautions to make sure every surgery is goes smoothly.

Anyone scheduled for Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs CO should discuss sedation options with their surgeon. Some patients may only need a mild sedative, while others will require general anesthesia. Always bring up any questions or concerns about sedation with the surgeon in advance.