Common Questions about Fire Pump Inspection in Illinois

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Safety Equipment Supplies

If your company uses a fire sprinkler system, it needs a fire pump. After all, you can’t rely on a municipal water system when you need a lot of pressure and water for your sprinklers. Pumps are the hearts of sprinkler systems, and it’s important to have regular pump inspections in Illinois. However, this can bring up several questions and here are some of the most common ones asked.

What are Fire Pumps?

Pumps take in water from your city water supply and increase the pressure. Most sprinkler systems require a great deal of pressure to make sure all the sprinkler heads can deliver water when needed. However, since not all sprinkler systems are the same, not all pumps are created equal, and some are more powerful than others.

What is NFPA 25?

The National Fire Protection Agency issues guidelines for pump inspections in Illinois and throughout the United States. These rules are in place to make sure that testing, maintaining, and inspecting fire protection systems that use water. By complying with NFPA 25, you ensure the best possible performance of your sprinkler system.

Depending on the size of your sprinkler system you may need testing and inspecting every year. However, some only require checks every five years. To make sure your fire insurance stays current, you need to know how often you need inspections.

How Do Pump Inspections in Illinois Work?

Your inspector will check power and the voltage supply to the system. He starts up the power generator and makes sure it is running properly. He also does flow tests to make sure the pump is working properly.

How Can I Keep My Pump in Good Condition?

Start the pump up about once a month. Keep the pump clean and check your drain lines while running the pump. Also, use a trusted and experienced inspection and testing service.

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