Common Problems With Air Conditioning In Beverly Hills

Heating and Air Conditioning

Often times people pour money into a new roofing system when the problem in actuality is with the insulation in the roof itself. The same can be true of air conditioning in Beverly Hills. Customers will blame the HVAC or heating ventilation and air conditioning unit for not keeping a residence cool when the problem lies somewhere in the duct work or equipment size that was selected for the home. If you have a problem with your cooling properties in the home and can’t find a problem within the equipment itself try looking outside the box, literally.

A lot of customers choose their equipment based on the SEER rating that accompanies it. The higher the SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the higher the efficiency of the equipment. The problem is, if you buy a machine that has a rating of 16 it may not provide better efficiency than a six or eight rating system if it is installed incorrectly. Two out of three problems regarding issues that customers are concerned about with their HVAC have to do with their duct work and not with the system at all.

Leakage from the return ducts, supply or exhaust ducts or a wrong size altogether on the ducts are the top reasons that Air Conditioning in Beverly Hills do not work at efficient capacity. For leakage on the intake ducts double check the connections, seams, boot boxes and the grill. For the exhaust ducts you can simply check your vents in the home to see what the rate of exchange is. A normally functioning system will have a measurable control that will feel cool or hot to the touch depending on the output desired.

Lastly, 70% problems that are reported with a system is due to the wrong size of duct work for the equipment. Some customers assume that a bigger system will be better to cool off a home quicker but that is not how an HVAC system works. A properly working system, regardless of the size will only be able to cool in a particular amount of time. If the system is bigger it does not mean you will get a cooler home faster. Only choose a system that is meant to serve a home within a certain amount of square footage.