Common Misconceptions about Sporting Rifles


Are you thinking about buying a sporting rifle? Maybe you discussed it with your significant other orfriends, and they some have negative opinions on these guns. The truth is, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around about guns like the AR15 and AR15 tools. Here is information to help you separate some of the facts from fiction so that you can make an informed decision.

Sporting Rifles are Not Military Weapons

Many people look at some of the sporting rifles on the market today and assume they are military or assault weapons and this is not the case. They resemble these guns, but they don’t work the same way as weapons used by the military.

If you buy an AR15 and AR15 tools, the “AR” does not refer to “assault rifle.” This gun was created by the ArmaLite Company more than sixty years ago, and that’s where the “AR” comes from. Assault weapons are designed to be used as automatic firearms that can fire one round after another. Sporting rifles are not designed this way.

Sporting Rifles are Not Banned Weapons

You can buy an AR15 or AR15 tools to customize your gun in any state. There are no current bans on these guns. Of course, you must pass the necessary background checks associated with owning firing arms, and you cannot be a convicted felon.

A Sporting Rifle is Not “Overkill” for Self-Defense

Some people believe you don’t need a gun like an AR15 to protect your home and family. The truth is, these guns give you a lot of firepower in case of a home invasion or other dangerous situations. Handguns are less powerful, and it’s easier to accidentally shot someone with a handgun. This makes sporting rifles the safer choice for home defense. They also make excellent hunting weapons because of their accuracy and dependability.