Common Errors In Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

One of the advantages for individuals and couples in and around the Greenville, SC, area is the ability to work directly with retirement planning and financial advisor Matt Dixon.

Unfortunately, not all people take advantage of the expertise offered by Matt Dixon, opting to attempt to create a retirement plan on their own. While it is possible to develop a significant retirement account through wise investing, it is very likely you are not maximizing your potential in tax savings and retirement investing options.

There are at least three other common mistakes that are made by those planning for their retirement in Greenville, SC. Recognizing these mistakes in retirement planning can help prevent unexpected and unpleasant retirement realities.

The Challenges of Do-It-Yourself Retirement Planning

Most people are busy in their careers, with their family, and in their lives. This leaves limited time to research, study, and learn about retirement investment plans and options.

Financial advisors like Matt Dixon are experienced and specialized in financial investments and retirement planning. Accessing the knowledge and expertise of these individuals is a simple way to avoid all common do-it-yourself mistakes.

Not Reviewing Your Portfolio

It is critical to review your retirement plans at key points in your life, but also on an annual basis. This allows for proactive changes that keep your plans on track and prevents missed opportunities.

Accessing Retirement Funds Early

It is essential to avoid dipping into retirement savings plans too early. Some people mistakenly see retirement plans as an emergency fund or assume they can retire earlier than is practical in building the necessary retirement amount.

Other common mistakes include failing to anticipate the cost of living or to address concerns with additional expenses as people age. Working with a retirement planner ensures these issues are discussed and planned for moving forward.

No matter what stage you are at in your life, talking to Matt Dixon is a key step in avoiding retirement planning mistakes. To find out more, see us at TruNorth Advisors.