Commercial Panels For Walk In Refrigerators And Freezers


Typical walk in coolers and freezers are quite large, well insulated spaces. As the name implies, they are large enough for people to enter and exit, extremely large units can be equipped with doors that will allow the entry and exit of pallets jacks and fork lift trucks.

Walk in refrigeration units are used in certain manufacturing processes such as the production of ice-cream but they are most often used as a temporary storage space for perishables and frozen food. A typical system is made up of a raised insulated floor, commercial refrigeration panels in California, one or more entry doors and a refrigeration unit.

California standard:

Almost 15 years ago, California, being a very progressive state, set the very first standard for walk in refrigeration units. The primary objective was to reduce energy consumption and it worked; energy use in units manufactured in accordance with the new standard dropped by more than 40 percent. This reduction in electric consumption was made possible through the use of highly efficient commercial refrigeration panels in California, motors and automatic doors.

Although the California standard has yet to be adopted across the country, some progressive states have adopted the standard.

DOE standard:

In 2014 the Department of Energy issued new standards for walk in refrigerators and freezers. The DOE standard allows manufacturers of refrigeration panels and other components to certify either an installed system or the components that go into the construction of one. This allows manufacturers to promote and sell components alone.

Walk in refrigeration units are normally erected on site from prefabricated components including commercial refrigeration panels in California. Numerous technology options are being used to drive down energy consumption to the minimum, the improvements can be found in improved insulation and panel design, high efficiency refrigeration units and motors.

Commercial refrigeration panels in California are manufactured to an exacting standard. To improve the efficiency of any walk in refrigeration units under consideration you are invited to discuss your specif needs with TKS Cold Storage MFG & Construction.