Cleaning Grime from Tiles and Grouting

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Mopping and waxing your floors daily and wiping your shower down after every use are good cleaning habits, but it probably isn’t enough to keep your tiles from accumulating a build-up of grime. Without applying intense pressure and scrubbing, tile counter tops, bathtubs, and other areas of your property consisting of tile will gradually collect grime that is hard to clean, especially in the grouting which tends to turn gray and even black over time. This is not their natural, intended appearance. One option is professional tile cleaning in Austin, and another is to attack the grime and scrub the grout yourself.
Doing it yourself is difficult, but may not be impossible if you prefer not to hire a tile cleaning professional in Austin. There are three general steps to take in order to clean your tile and restore your grout to its original state and color:

1. Prepare the tile with a chemical detergent. Over the course of time, dirt and grime has been absorbed by your tiles, which is why it is so hard to effectively clean. Purchasing a detergent that will work on the molecular level to dislodge dirt from the tile and make cleaning an easier process is an essential first step. Licensed tile cleaning services in Austin can provide you with further information on what the best, non-toxic sprays are and will usually perform this step themselves if hired to clean your tiles.

2. You will need to purchase or rent a tile cleaning tool that applies high pressure in lifting grime and scrubbing the surface you wish to clean. There are many different tile and grout cleaning brands on the market that start at about $1,000 and can be as expensive as $4,000, depending on what kind of accessories you purchase with your unit. When using, apply more exertion towards problem areas to fully disengage dirt and grout from your tiles.

3. After speed drying your tiles, apply grout sealant in order to protect your grouting from absorbing dirt and grime in the future. Sealant makes your grouting and tile look like new and is also standard practice for tile cleaning professionals in Austin.

If you are restoring surfaces that have suffered damage due to flooding, fire, or other accidents, you may want to consult with a professional tile cleaning company in Austin in order to do a thorough and expedient job. Commercial products for average consumers usually are not enough to do the complete job, and too much exertion may damage your tile further.