Clean Gutters Are Very Important


The gutters on your house are a very important component, without them rainwater could not be controlled and as a result the walls, roof, foundation and your landscaping would be at risk.

When gutters cleaning in Chicago is neglected what is designed into the house as a necessity can quickly become a nightmare. Once the gutters are blocked with an accumulation of leaves, twigs and other forms of debris, water will be trapped; it will back up and cause roof damage or leak into the interior of your home.

How frequently should gutters be cleaned?

There is no one universal truth, the frequency of cleaning depends to a great extent on where you live and how many trees are in or near your yard. At a minimum it is recommended that gutter cleaning in Chicago be carried out in the spring and again in the fall.

Cleaning the gutters is only half the task, at the same time the downspouts must be cleaned. When a downspout is clogged with debris the water simply has nowhere to go but over the top of the gutter, this will eventually lead to soil erosion, water in the basement and washed out flower beds.

Reduce debris with gutter covers

Gutter covers, often called leaf guards help to decrease the amount of debris but they don’t eliminate the need for gutter cleaning completely.

Instead of having to arrange for gutter cleaning every four or six months, it may be possible to extend the period to once a year. Even with well designed and fitted gutter covers 15 to 20 percent of the debris can still get in the gutter.

Although cleaning the gutters on your home is something that can be done by the homeowner it is something that perhaps shouldn’t be attempted. Never forget that almost a quarter million Americans are injured every year by falling off a ladder. It is far better to turn to professional gutter cleaning in Chicago; they do the job right and do it for a reasonable price.

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