Classic Shutters For Your Home

Home design

Classic looks transcend the current and trendy, and make you home look both gracious and tasteful. While they are called “plantation” shutters, the use of shutters can be traced as far back as the ancient Greeks, who used them for both privacy, security, and protection from storms, and they have been used even into the modern era for the same purposes. Plantation shutters on the interior of your windows provide for light, airflow, and even insulation.

Energy Blues

Both curtains and shutters create a pocket of air between the pane and the treatment, reducing the amount of heat coming into or going out of a room. Even double or triple paned insulated windows still have some degree of heat transfer. On a hot summer day, sunlight blasting on your windows means you might run your AC at a lower temperature to stay comfortable. Conversely on a cold winter day, you could be losing heat from your windows as they chill. The R-value of wooden shutters is calculated at 2.77 to 3.17 – combined with thermal curtains you’d have a classic look, and a big bite out of the electric bill in every season.

Get the Look – All of Them

Plantation shutters are made to measure by professionals, and designed to last for years. They are low maintenance, needing only dusting and care of the hardware to last for years in place. You may only need to have them refinished or repainted every so often to keep your classic look and feel in place. You’re not limited in the styles of furnishings you can use, either. Shutters can fit with everything from your Historic District home to a MidCentury Modern, to a brand new construction without skipping a beat. Your home is a lasting investment, and your shutters will be, too. For more information related shutters, visit at . You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.