What is Class Action in Tulsa, OK?


If you have been asked to take part in a case involving class action in Tulsa, OK, or if you have heard that you may be eligible to be part of a class action lawsuit, you are probably wondering exactly what a class action lawsuit is and how it actually works. These are lawsuits that involve large groups of people, and your attorney will be representing you as well as other clients who are involved in that same lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are filed by lawyers such as Edward L. White PC, Attorney At Law on behalf of a group who has suffered damages due to the wrongful actions or negligent actions of a company. One example of a class action lawsuit would be a case where many people were harmed or became ill from taking a drug that was not properly tested or a drug that was not properly explained to the public when it was released.

By nature, a class action in Tulsa, OK lawsuit is a group one. When you enter into a class action lawsuit with the help of your attorney, you will be forgoing the ability to file a lawsuit against the company as an individual. This is, however, typically well worth it because strength does lie in numbers when it comes to legal actions such as these. You and the other people who are involved in the class action lawsuit will be splitting the monetary award equally, and the court will take that into account when awarding these damages. The class action lawsuit award will include both compensatory damages and punitive damages. The compensatory damages are designed to cover the actual demonstrable damages of the eligible recipients. The punitive damages are designed to fine the company for their actions and may be a larger amount. As an eligible member of the class action lawsuit you will be receiving a portion of both of these amounts should the court decide in favor of your group.

Many class action suits work on contingency. This means that typically you will not have to pay the attorney up front. Your attorney will get paid for his work only when he wins the case for your group, and at that time he will get a percentage of the total award.