Choosing Whether to Sell the Farm Through Farm Auctions in Oaklahoma City Oaklahoma or List the Property Privately


There comes a time throughout many farmers lives when the thought of selling the farm crosses his or her mind. Reasons for selling the farm may be simply that the interest is no longer there, they cannot physically keep up with the demand that comes with owning a farm, or they need to find a way to make ends meet.

Whatever the reason may be, Farm Auctions in Oklahoma City Oklahoma is an option one may consider. The other option is to list the farm for sale. So how does one know which route to take? Following are two important tips to consider when deciding whether to sell or put the farm up for auction.

Choosing to Auction or List

  • Timing

Timing is everything in all aspects of life, including selling a piece of land. With an auction, the seller will determine the sales and closing date which can be beneficial for an estate that needs to be sold by a particular date. Auctions also force potential buyers to make an immediate financial decision in order to ensure they take ownership of the farm.

Listing a farm for sale by the individual allows potential buyers to go back and forth, on whether or not they truly want the sale to go through due to lack of motivation. However, listing a farm offers a sense of flexibility for buyers who may need to purchase the property but need a schedule that works with his or her schedule.

  • The number of individuals involved-

It is not uncommon for a farm to be owned by multiple people both in and outside of the family. This causes a problem for those who may have a different preference on how and when the farm is to be sold.

An auction can aid with working through some of those particular challenges as it defines the terms prior to the sale. Auctions will bring buyers and sellers together. Listing the farm lets the seller have more control over the final acceptable price.

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