Choosing the Right Handlebars and Accessories for your Harley


We all know that handlebars are not just a control device for your motorcycle; they can also be a fashion statement and a way to reflect a little bit of yourself in your custom creation. In fact, next to the paint job on your ride, handlebars are the best way to draw people’s attention to your rig and let them see just how much pride and passion you put into it. Additionally, being able to adjust your grip with a new set of handlebars can make long rides much easier on your shoulders and back, as well as providing you with better response and handling when riding at speed or on busy highways. Say goodbye to numbness and sore muscles by finding the perfect match in a new set of handlebars.

Get a Grip with Ape Hangers

This style is an instant love-them or hate-them kind of handlebar. While some riders choose to take the rise to the extreme, others simply enjoy the comfort they provide when adjusted properly to the rider’s height. When purchased more for their comfort and less for their eye catching potential, Harley ape hangers are one of the most comfortable styles available on the market today. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a manufacturer that doesn’t offer at least one or two sizes in this style. Often just called “apes” or known to some as “high rise” or “bat wing”, the ape hangers can be taken to extreme lengths forcing the rider to reach straight-armed above their head, or can be kept at a more modest length of 10 to 18 inches. Of course these shorter lengths won’t make people turn and look at you as much as someone who took it to the extreme, but they also won’t cause arm fatigue and won’t be a safety risk to yourself or others.

Wiring, Cables and Grips

Once you have decided on the handlebars you will be purchasing, it’s time to consider the accessories. This includes your wiring and grips. Complete wiring kits usually include the throttle cable for conventional sets, clutch cable, brake line, and for late model Harleys with throttle by wiring you would have extended wiring included. With a new set of handlebars comes a new set of grips. The most popular is the ISO style by Kuryakyn, but when you want to create a custom masterpiece that suits you uniquely, there is nothing stopping you from choosing a brand that is mostly unknown.