Choosing the Right Body Service Garage for Auto Parts Repair in Johnson County

Auto Repair Shop

The most common reason vehicle owners need auto parts repair in Johnson County for body damage is because of a collision. Sometimes, though, the damage is due to vandalism or a weather-related incident. These men and women may never have needed this service before and need to figure out which garage to bring the vehicle to.

Free Estimates

Reputable garages providing service for auto parts repair in Johnson County should offer free estimates. This is not a service that customers should have to pay for. The warranty policy should be posted in the shop and if they have a website, online.

Gut Instincts

Although choosing a repair garage should be a rational decision, for the most part, vehicle owners also can use their gut instincts to a certain extent. If the garage manager doesn’t seem very helpful or interested, that may be a red flag. Repair garages can be expected to have a certain level of grime, but they should not look filthy and disorganized. If the shop does not seem to have many customers, that could mean that the work is not stellar or the customer service attention is unsatisfactory.

Insurance Considerations

If the damage is covered by automotive insurance, the insurance company may encourage the policyholder to use a specific garage or insist on selecting the one with the lowest quote. Demanding the use of one shop should not be acceptable. Insisting on the lowest estimate is more common, but the customer has the option of patronizing a different business and paying for the rest of the amount out of pocket. It’s best not to even submit an estimate from a garage the vehicle owner is not comfortable with.

Getting Recommendations

Vehicle owners may feel more reassured by getting recommendations from relatives, friends and co-workers than from an insurance company that is mainly trying to save money on claims. Many men and women have needed the service of a local auto body shop at one time or another and they can explain why they were happy with the service or not. Contact us to schedule an appointment for an estimate on repairs.