Choosing the car dealer that is best for you


On the surface choosing a car dealer looks easy, the truth is, it is not the easiest of tasks. Every Cadillac dealer in Michigan will have plus points and negative points and not every dealer will have the car you have your heart set on. Some dealerships deal exclusively in new cars, there are others that only sell used cars and they focus on buyers with less than perfect credit.

Before you strike out to a specific dealer you have to know what you want, not only in the way of vehicles but the dealership that will best suit your purposes. In the age of the internet it is quite simple to narrow your search. Before you even set foot in a Cadillac dealer in Michigan there are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself.

What does the dealer sell?

Before anything else you need to determine what kind of vehicle you want, you need to decide the make and model; you need to decide if you are going to buy a new luxury car like a Cadillac, a used car or perhaps a certified pre-owned car. There are numerous dealerships that offer exactly what you want; it is up to you to identify them. At this stage it is also important to assess your own credit rating. If you have excellent credit this can help point you in a certain direction, if your credit score has taken a hit you will be looking for a different dealer all-together.


Car dealers, as large as they may be, do the majority of their business locally. When you are dealing with an expensive item a very important component is the reputation of the dealer. Look for a Cadillac dealer in Michigan that is reasonably close to your area, one which is well known and respected for friendly customer service.

Parts and service:

This is actually quite critical, you hope that the car you eventually purchase is free of any mechanical defects but in the event it needs service or repairs, where can you take it? Hopefully the dealer offers complete service, but is there are incentives such as a loaner vehicle or free pick-up if it breaks down? Purchasing from a Cadillac dealer in Michigan that provides full service will save you a great deal of time, it also is an indication that parts are available which can save a couple days over having to order them.

If you have decided that you want to purchase a new or certified pre owned Cadillac then you are invited to visit the best Cadillac dealer in Michigan, Contact Business Name.