Choosing The Best Steel Garage Doors for Storage Units: Roll up VS Sectional Steel

Garage Doors

When it comes to storage spaces, several things should be considered concerning the garage door. Because individuals will be trusting that their belongings will stay secure inside the unit, making sure the garage door to the unit is secure is important. Among other decisions concerning the garage door, here are a few pros and cons for both Roll up doors and sectional Steel Garage Doors for Storage Units.

Roll Up Doors

The pros and cons equal out for this style of garage door when it comes to storage spaces. The pros for roll up doors include being completely customizable, extreme durability and they are almost impenetrable in their mechanics. Roll up doors also have the potential to afford more room near the roof of the storage unit, because they roll against the wall and not up and over the unit.

While simple to operate via a manual open or a mechanical motor, roll up doors are a bit more costly than their sectional steel counterparts. Roll up doors are also a bit more noisy, and prone to mildew and mold. These doors can be difficult to install, even if you have installers do it for you, so the cost of installation may be higher.

Sectional Steel

Sectional Steel Garage Doors for Storage Units can completely change the aesthetics of the entire storage unit compound. While many storage unit companies have a very industrial look (and some can look down-right ugly) the sectional steel doors have almost a residential feel. Since sectional garage doors are most often found in homes, the style options are much broader.

The stylish doors, alone, could attract customers, because it simply looks better and more up kept. These types of doors are also generally quieter and resistant to both mold and mildew. They also have the same security level against break-ins as roll up doors.

The cons involved with the sectional steel garage doors hover around the fact that they open above and over the garage unit. While some customers may not be concerned with losing a few feet of vertical space, some customers may feel as if they are not getting the space they are paying for.

When owning and operating a storage facility, it is important to strike a balance between security and aesthetics. People want to be able to trust the unit’s security, but also feel their unit portrays a well-kept area. Visit website for details.