Choosing the right type of cooker is easy


When it comes to shopping for new cookers in Milton Keynes, are you one of the clueless ones? Do you know the difference between gas, electric, dual fuel and range style cookers, or are you floundering around trying to decide which is best for your needs? There’s no need to worry, as choosing the right type of cooker for your home is surprisingly easy. Don’t believe us? Just read on and you’ll see.

Gas cookers

You’ll find a wide range of gas cookers to choose from, from basic models to high-end ones with features for every budding chef. Brands such as Indesit and Hotpoint are popular, and gas cookers tend to be a popular choice for those who do a lot of cooking as the heat is instant and easily controllable, unlike an electric hob. Gas is also great for those who enjoy baking as even cooking temperatures are easily achieved!

Electric cookers

Gone are the days when electric cookers were bland, white and ugly. Today’s cookers are much more stylish, and electric cookers are a popular choice, whether you’re looking for an entry-level model or a top of the range one. With brands such as Beko and Zanussi to choose from, it’s important to get advice before choosing the right model for your needs.

Dual fuel cookers

If you’re an indecisive type – and really, why should you have to choose – then you can opt for a duel fuel cooker for the best of both worlds; cooking with gas and electricity! The instantly controllable heat of gas combined with the fast heating of electricity makes dual fuel cookers the perfect choice.

Range style cookers

When it comes to shopping for cookers in Milton Keynes, you might be wondering whether to head for a chain store or independent electrical retailer. Independent retailers really care about their customers, so they’ll take the time to make sure you leave with the perfect cooker for your needs; that could well be a range style cooker! You’ll need to think about things such as cooker size, fuel type, safety features and oven configuration when it comes to choosing the perfect range style cooker, so it helps to have an expert on hand to recommend the best cooker for your requirements.

Choosing the perfect cooker is as easy as being informed and receiving helpful advice in store, so why not make this the month you treat yourself to a brand new cooker? Joe Graham and Son Ltd offer a wide selection of cookers, in many different styles.