Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring in Milwaukee


An engagement ring in Milwaukee symbolizes an upcoming wedding. It is commonly presented by the potential groom-to-be, but many brides-to-be are doing the proposing now. Engagement rings have a history dating back to ancient Romans when grooms presented the brides-to-be with an iron hoop. The diamond engagement ring surfaced in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Diamonds are a common choice for engagement rings. It isn’t an easy task shopping for engagement rings, but these tips will make it easier.

The first tip is to decide how much you can afford to spend on an engagement ring in Milwaukee. Most engagement ring buyers apply the two months salary rule because this is what you should expect to pay. Paying cash is best since you won’t get into debt. If you can’t wait two months, find out what financing options are available. Visit the store of your choice and inform them you would like to buy a ring. They will run a credit check so you can save time.

Another thing to consider is the band. Gold bands are often the preferred choice. Gold is measured in karats. A popular karat weight is 14K. A higher karat count means purer gold. A pure gold band will be marked 24K. You don’t have to choose the typical gold band. The band can be silver or platinum. Platinum is better than gold at retaining luster. Silver and platinum does not bend easily like real gold.

You will want to keep the 4cs in mind when shopping for diamond rings: cut, carat, clarity, and color. Cut refers to how the diamond has been polished and contoured from its original state. A poor cut can cause the diamond to lose sparkle. Like gold, diamond weight is measured in carats. A higher carat commonly increases the cost. Clarity refers to the flaws. A quality diamond should should not have any cloudiness or scratches. The color of the diamond should be clear and brilliant.

The engagement ring you buy will also be influenced by the recipient’s preferences. Some people may prefer traditional diamond rings while others like less traditional stones and metals. Try to notice what your intended fiance’ wears. Choosing the right ring makes for a more memorable occasion. Visit Harry C. Glinberg Jewelers for your needs.