Choosing a New Garage Door for Installation in Chicago, IL

Garage Doors

Garage doors last so long that in many cases, they only need to be replaced when they have been damaged by outside forces. Such forces usually come in the form of storms or the debris thrown around by the wind, but this isn’t always the case. Accidental ramming can bend a garage door’s track to the point that it can’t be reasonably repaired. Another reason people get new garage doors is to increase the level of security at their houses.

Choosing the type of new door you want is the first thing you must do when signing up for garage door installation Chicago IL. If you’re replacing an old door because of a rare event, such as the first storm damage in 30 years, you may find that a lightweight fiberglass option is your best bet. The chance of another severe storm coming along soon is fairly minimal, so there’s no need to go for a more indestructible option.

If you’re changing your door for security reasons, on the other hand, it’s a better idea to get a steel version. Steel garage doors come in both hollow and insulated forms. Hollow ones are fine for detached garages, while insulated ones are needed if the garage’s temperature can affect the rest of the house. Steel doors can be damaged, but they are very hard to break through. Instead, ramming them will generally cause them to bend. One thing to be sure of, however, is that they fit tightly enough on their tracks that they cannot be forced off the rails enough to allow a thief to slip past them. Garage doors made specifically to add security will be designed so that this won’t be a problem.

Once you decide on a material, you’ll need to consider style. Many garage doors used are fairly plain, but steel ones are sometimes made to look as if they’re constructed of carved wood. In some designs, windows are available. Windows are fine for garages in safer areas, while windowless versions are better when high security is needed. Click here to see some of the options for both windowed and windowless styles.