Choosing Movers for Business Relocations


If a customer is searching for a company to move their business they should search for an organization that has experience moving businesses successfully. This would include efficiently moving office equipment, furniture, and even office records. Quality movers will realize the importance of your time and getting your company back to work in an organized setting as soon as possible.

Choosing a company that has experience in business relocation services is key. Residential movers without much office moving experience may not meet your standards or expectations.

Choosing with Full Service in Mind

A full service provider may provide the following service features:

* Single point of contact
* Pre-move planning and budgeting
* On-site project management
* Floor plan design
* Office moving
* Computer, electronics, records and equipment moving
* Files and records moving
* Facility protection
* Valuation coverage
* Furniture installation and reconfiguration
* Modular furniture build-out and tear down
* Electronic equipment disconnect and reconnect
* Fixtures installation
* Asset auctions
* Charitable contributions
* Recycling
* Post-move cleaning services
* Disaster recovery and restoration

Quality movers will have open communication with their customers. They should also offer excellent warehousing and asset management solutions. The option to store items, whether short or long term, in warehouses that are kept safe and secure by security professionals and/or 24 hour surveillance is also very important.

Diverse Facility Moving Capabilities

Highly capable movers will have the knowledge and capabilities to efficiently move facilities like hospital labs, government entities, corporate offices, and plants. It says something as well if the mover has affiliations with prominent organizations such as the Commercial Relocation Network and the American Moving & Storage Association.

Moving a business to a new location can be an exciting time. The resources are available to make such a transition run efficiently while minimizing company downtime. This can be accomplished by professional movers that offer an extensive array of services designed to not only get your company from point A to point B, but to do so with the safety of your company’s assets in mind and the schedule of your business at the forefront.

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