Choosing Materials for Roofing Projects in Dayton, OH


When an individual is considering the option of renovating their roof one of the most important factors they will need to consider is what type of roofing they are interested in. Although different materials provide different designing styles, they also provide different advantages and disadvantages. All of these factors should be considered when deciding on the materials for the roofing project. In addition to research that a person should conduct, they can also speak with a representative from the company installing the roof to get their expertise and insight on particular materials.

Prior to hiring a roofing contractor in Dayton OH for a homeowner should consider the different types of roofs they have available to choose from. Although design style should be a consideration, it is recommended that the most consideration should be put towards the performance that is offered through the materials. All of the roofing materials currently available include:

1. Asphalt shingles
2. Wood shingles and shakes
3. Clay tiles
4. Concrete tiles
5. Slate
6. Metal materials (steel, aluminum, tile and copper)
7. Fiber Cement

One of the most popular materials used is asphalt shingles, with over 75% of roofs in America utilizing this material. However, one of the major disadvantages of using this material is that the lifespan of it is drastically less when compared to other materials. Like most roofing materials, asphalt shingles do come in a variety of colors, therefore allowing the homeowner to create any look they’d like for their home.

Once the material has been chosen the contractor will be able to give a final estimate, which will include materials and labor. In addition to the cost, the contractor will also be able to provide an estimated time frame of how long the project will take. This is important to know for the homeowner since it will allow them to plan their schedule accordingly. When a person is looking to have their roofing in Dayton OH project completed, after choosing the type of materials that they would like to be used, they will be happy to find out that the process can be fast, simple, and effortless on their part.