Choosing Between Storage Facilities in Charlotte, NC


It can be a daunting task to choose between storage options. There are seemly storage units available all over the place. However, shrewd customers will understand the importance of distinguishing between the many available storage facilities. Charlotte, NC is home to an array of storage facilities. However, before you decide which facility to use for your items, determine with certainty the actual needs you have regarding storage.

How Many Items Do I Need to Store?
One of the first considerations when deciding on a storage facility is how many items need to be placed in storage. Some storage facilities only provide larger vaults that are not necessarily efficient for those only needing to store a small number of personal items. On the other hand, some storage buildings do not have the infrastructure to handle industrial storage, i.e. warehouses and racking systems.

Do I Need Short or Long Term Storage?
Determine the length of time for which you need storage. Is it for only the short term, or long term? If you only need short term storage, then you can find cost effective options to get that done. However, for long term storage requirements, be sure that the facility you choose is equipped to store items for a long period of time without putting in jeopardy any of the items’ value. For these purposes, climate-controlled storage facilities are the best.

What Type of Security is Provided?
The security provided can vary from facility to facility. Some storage facilities provide keyed entry into a gated area and others offer security alarms and 24-hour monitoring or on-duty security personnel. Select the storage facility that has the level of security you prefer for the cost. Your preference or need may depend on the nature of the items you are storing – whether they are highly expensive or not.

Do I Have Quick Access to My Items?
Know in advance how often or how quickly you will need access to your items. Some facilities provide round-the-clock access while others may restrict access to certain hours of the day. If you want to have unhindered access at any time, then make sure you check for this service feature before choosing a company with which to store your items.