Choosing a Lawn Provider in Ashburn, VA for Sod Installation


Homeowners love a lush, green lawn, one that is the envy of their neighbors. However, achieving this goal can be difficult at times. Fortunately, a Lawn Provider in Ashburn VA can be of help, as sod allows the grass to look gorgeous in very little time. The key is to select a high-quality sod and prepare the lawn ahead of time. Those who do so find their lawn is everything they imagined and more.

Selecting the Sod

First, choose sod that is rolled on the inside. When it is rolled in this manner, this protects the grass until the time comes to plant it. Examine the thickness of the sod also. A minimum of one inch is necessary to ensure the root system is well established. These roots ought to be visible on the dirt side of the sod and the roots should interlock. Try to choose sod with roots that are thick and run the whole underside of the sod. Check the grass also. It should be two inches long, and the blades should be bright green and uniform regarding their color. No insects or weeds should be present and the sod ought to be moist, as this is needed to allow it to take root.

Installing the Sod

Ensure the planting site is properly prepared and ready to accept the sod. Remove any rocks and debris larger than two inches and ensure all drainage problems are eliminated. Till the soil to a depth of two inches or more and add topsoil if necessary. The topsoil should be between four and six inches deep. Check the pH level and add a starter fertilizer. Finally, tamp the topsoil down. Once the sod has been purchased, lay it within 24 hours. This helps to ensure it takes hold in the yard and provides the desired results. It is best to buy from a local company to get fresh sod that is suitable for the area also.

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