Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Englewood, OH


Divorce is already full of emotional conflict and messy situations. Hiring a divorce lawyer could either escalate the tension between the couple or create a much-needed buffer. Analyze your situation and take these considerations into account before hiring a lawyer.

Amid Conflict

The simple answer is that if your spouse has already hired a lawyer, you need one too. Otherwise, talk it out with your spouse first. If you can have a conversation with him or her and make compromises without unnecessary conflict, you should be able to solve things on your own. If you are just unsure of what legal actions need to be taken, you can hire a joint lawyer to guide you both through the paperwork.

If you cannot find a compromise on any major issue and believe that you should not have to settle, consider hiring your own divorce lawyer. If you are concerned that your spouse has lied to you about anything significant, consider a lawyer. If your spouse is violent and you are afraid for your own health, consider both a restraining order and a lawyer.


If you are simply looking for someone to help you mediate conversations and get to the issues without sidetracking, consider a mediator. That is their sole job. You can always hire a lawyer later if the situation changes. And, if you are concerned that you need a lawyer but cannot pay for one, look up your state’s laws and programs. Sometimes you can find help from the government that way.

The best advice is to talk to a divorce lawyer in Englewood, OH and get their opinion on the situation. Visit our website to find contact information and other information that you may need. You will also get a chance to find out what kind of lawyer you are considering. It is important that you find an advocate who will fight for your rights with just as much zeal as is needed. Some lawyers can go overboard on the minor issues, dragging you through unnecessary conflict, and others won’t fight at all. Make sure that each lawyer understands what is important to you and things will go smoothly.